Forest trailers and cranes for demanding terrain

When the working environments are really tough, you need equipment that holds up. The more difficult the terrain you encounter, the more you need robust trailers and loaders. We know what’s required — and that’s why we build our machines to withstand harsh conditions.

Forest Cranes

Krono's forestry cranes are designed and constructed to provide maximum durability, range and working comfort. Whether you are a forest owner or contractor you get a crane fit to purpose for your individual needs. The Gripto-series has a range of up to 10 meters, while the 4000 series consists of nimble, versatile cranes suitable for smaller jobs. The cranes are long-lasting and maintain their value well.

Kronos Gripto 608 I 609 I 708 I 709

Kronos Gripto 1009 and 1010

Steering systems


Forest Trailers

With Kronos forest trailers, which have a load capacity of 10 to 15 tonnes, you can easily transport large loads. We use high quality materials and offer customized solutions for your particular business. All models are available with power drive. Kronos 140 and 160 4 WDM come equipped with bogie axles from NAF where the power is transferred mechanically via the PTO shaft to the wheel hub. The hydraulically driven Kronos 150 4WD, 120 4WD, and 100 4WD transfers power to the wheels with two drive rollers. The 2WDH and 4WDH models are equipped with hub motors that accommodate chains or tracks and are available with automated control of propulsion provided by Smart Drive or Smart Drive+.

Kronos 160

Kronos 150

Kronos 140

Smart Drive and Smart Drive +