Smart Drive and Smart Drive +

Smart Drive automates the drive on the trailer, so you don’t have to think about activating the gear or in which direction.

Smart Drive+ is designed for trailers with hub motors. In addition to automated operation, synchronized operation is also available. The flow to the hub motors is controlled based on speed information from the tractor’s CANbus, so the trailer always drives 5% faster than the tractor. When the amount of oil from the pump is no longer sufficient, operation automatically switches off to prevent cavitation in the motors.

Additionally, a curvature function lowers the drive speed by 10%, and a boost function increases the drive speed by 10% in challenging situations.  A 3-position switch next to the joystick easily activates these functions.  The speed and direction information that the control system needs comes from Valtra’s CANbus and does not entail any additional costs for Valtra owners.

We offer the advantage of the mechanical drive with synchronization, and the benefits of the hydraulic drive such that no ground-dependent power take-off is required and the trailer creates little to no resistance during road driving. Smart Drive and Smart Drive + are part of the xCrane crane control.

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