Maximum performance chain mulchers and harrows

We know your time is precious, and you want to work efficiently. Therefore, you need equipment to facilitate the tasks in your everyday life. Our chain mulchers have superior capacity and our harrows come with a variety of options. With them, you save both time and energy.

Functions of the Rotary Harrow

On many farms, the harrow is a versatile tool performing a variety of soil treatment tasks. Especially in cereal production, the rotary harrow is important for effective mixing in straw and stubble remains after threshing. For reduced-till cultivation methods, the rotary harrow is suitable for seedbed preparation. The rotary harrow can also quickly mix manure or compost into the soil, for example before sowing grain and root crops, to ensure maximum nitrogen remains in the fertilizer.

Rotary Harrow Uses:

  • Reduced tillage
  • Stubble cultivation
  • Seedbed preparation
  • Manure and compost application
  • Aeration of pastures and grassland


Under normal conditions the harrow should be run fast, approximately 12-15 km / h.

Harrow Design

Spacious Frame Construction
For the shovel rotor harvester to work quickly and efficiently with large amounts of stubble and plant residuals, an open frame construction is required. An open and high frame causes less problems with blockages and allows higher driving speed.


Flexible shaft suspension
The suspension of the shafts absorbs shocks and vibrations and protects the blades and shafts against overload. If there are many large stones, the driving speed must be reduced and the driving technique adapted to prevailing conditions.


Trailing Rotary Harrows
The larger harrows are available as towed models with their own transport wheels. The transport of the harrow is easy and it is possible to attach several implements in succession.