Predator 1700 M


  • The cutting head has a double shell shaped like a pyramid, which provides rigidity while dirt, snow and slush naturally slip off
  • The second drive shaft has dual wide-angle joints that allow large sectors of movement on the cutting head, allowing clearance on the other side of the ditch
  • The front edge of the cutting head is rounded from above, which means the chain extends in front of the head with the front door in the folded-up position
  • The entire front edge is made of a curved tube, which makes the plant slip easily under the cutter
  • Optional hydraulic front door
  • Twintrac conversion kit, optional
  • Hydraulic tilt of cutting head, optional
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Model 1700 H 1700 M
Working widht, cm 170 170
Weight, kg 400 1000
Lenght, cm 220 284
Widht, cm 200 -
Height, with motor, cm 88 -
Height in transportation mode - 287
Max sidesliding, cm - 150
Horizontal reach - 455
PTO rpm - 540
Tilt, degrees - 120
Steering - 2 hydraulic cylinders
Oil required, l/min 100-150 -
Recommended Pressure, bar 200-350 -