Extendo 610

Kronos Extendo 610 boom mulcher comes with a reach of 6,1 meters. Extendo consists of the previously seen Predator 1700 mulcher head, a boom with long reach and an integrated hydraulic circuit for the mulcher head. The boom can be operated with the tractors own hydraulics or LtCrane-control system that can be added as additional equipment. The parallel operation of the boom and cutting head makes the operation easy and stable.



  • Integrated hydraulic circuit with oil tank & cooler. 70kw power (380bar)
  • A reach of 6,1 meters from the center of the tractor
  • Parallell operation of boom and cutting head
  • Tilt on cutting head
  • Hydraulic operated front hood
  • Two-way collision protectors, pressure accumulator on boom and spring mechanism on cutting head allowing the cutting head to move backwards and upwards in case of a collision.
  • Replaceable sliding blocks made from Hardox steel.
  • Predator 1700H cutting head
  • Tool box
  • Boom geometry designed to keep the cutting head forward for better ergonomics
  • Optimized shape of the cutting head that steers objects away from the tractor on the left side while the right side provides optimized cutting effect.
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Model Predator 2 1700 M 1700 H 610 1700 M
Working widht, cm 170 170 170 170
Weight, kg 400 1000
Lenght, cm 220 284
Widht, cm 200 -
Rech from tractor centerpoint, cm 610
Height, with motor, cm 88 -
Height in transportation mode - 396 287
Max sidesliding, cm - 150
Horizontal reach - 455
PTO rpm - 650 540
Tilt, degrees - 120
Steering - 2 hydraulic cylinders
Oil required, l/min 100-150 -
Recommended Pressure, bar 200-350 -